Legendary: The Box

The developers are shooting for a game that's hauntingly realistic while simultaneously over the top in every way. Real-world locations like New York, London and houses of parliament will be featured prominently, usually in a disaster-movie fashion that shows the area being overrun with baddies out of a high school Greek mythology book. Each area will reveal more and more monsters but in a carefully calculated way, such that when you finally see a Minotaur, it's going to mean something. The end result should be a paced yet blood pumping excursion reminiscent of some of the hardiest shooters out here, and hopefully, a perfect potpourri of Heretic and Medal of Honor.

Multiplayer has been discussed briefly, but details are still slim. Word is the goal isn't to make the traditional modes like capture the flag and deathmatch, but rather focus on the monsters and what their unconventional battle tactics would bring to the arena. Look for new modes and new experiments when the game ships sometime before summer 2008. With so many games coming out this fall, Legendary already looks like one of next year's biggest delights. Let's hope we still feel that way once we get some hands-on time.