Best Legend of Zelda merch and gifts 2023

The Legend of Zelda Link (Tears of the Kingdom) Amiibo with a Club Mocchi Mocchi Korok
(Image credit: Future, Nintendo, Club Mocchi Mocchi)

On the prowl for Legend of Zelda merch? It's only right. If there's one thing Link has taught us in his decades of adventure, it's that collecting treasure is awesome.

However, there's a problem - we're spoiled for choice now that the franchise is a grand total of 30-something years old. To help narrow it down and get you the very best Legend of Zelda merch, we've sought out what we genuinely think fans would be proud to own. That doesn't just include nods to the latest adventure, either; we've been sure to throw in collectibles and other Zelda merchandise from Breath of the Wild, Ocarina of Time, and beyond.

We've also done our level best to hunt down as many bargains, offers, and deals as possible in an effort to save you money along the way. Because this page is updated on a regular basis with the latest prices, you should see any discounts displayed below each item - handy if you're trying to save money on gifts for gamers.

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