Left 4 Dead character Bill is coming to Dead by Daylight this week

Dead by Daylight x Left 4 Dead
(Image credit: Behaviour Interactive)

Dead by Daylight's next crossover event will star Left 4 Dead's Bill.

Just below, you can check out the trailer for the forthcoming crossover between Behaviour Interactives Dead by Daylight, and Valve's Left 4 Dead. Bill Overbeck, one of the four playable survivors of the latter game, is coming to Dead by Daylight through a Tome event, which are works of short fiction and animated cinematics in Behaviour Interactive's horror game, telling the story of a certain character.

Bill is certainly an interesting choice for a newcomer to Dead by Daylight. Those familiar with the original Left 4 Dead all those years ago might remember that there was some debate over whether Bill was "canonically" killed off in The Passing DLC. When one of the four survivors has to sacrifice themselves at the conclusion of the DLC chapter, there's a special Achievement/Trophy for having Bill sacrifice himself, leading some to conclude that he was the canonical sacrificial choice.

As we can see by the trailer above though, Dead by Daylight's new Tome event will tell the story of Bill's past. The character was a gruff, retired soldier by the time of Left 4 Dead, so this new story-driven content will focus on Bill's past as a soldier stationed in Vietnam, taking place years before the events of Valve's zombie shooter.

Bill's Tome event will arrive in Dead by Daylight tomorrow on May 5. Alongside the Left 4 Dead character, there's new story-driven content for The Plague, an ancient priestess in Dead by Daylight that hails from Babylon. This is the first major update for Behaviour Interactive's horror game after the All-Kill update introduced a new K-Pop star as the latest murderous fiend to join the game's ever-expanding roster.

Next month though, Resident Evil joins the Dead by Daylight universe. The big crossover event was announced last month in April by Capcom during a Resident Evil Showcase for the forthcoming Resident Evil Village, but we'll have to wait until a livestream on May 25 to discover what characters from Capcom's series will be making their way to the multiplayer horror game next month in June.

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