Learn from this regretful 200-hour Tears of the Kingdom player and don't miss a key exploration feature: the Satori cave finder

Screenshot of a cherry blossom tree in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom
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If you're still exploring Hyrule in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, we have a quick reminder for you. It'll be especially useful for the fellow completionists out there, as it'll help you find all of those hiding Bubbulfrogs with ease.

As user ricky2461956 on Reddit found out after 200 hours, various cherry blossom trees can be found around Hyrule. Each has a little offering statue and upon receiving an apple, a Satori will appear before Link. The ghostly elk-like creature will place beacons of light over cave entrances which still have a Bubbulfrog in.

Over 200 hours in and I'm just finding out about this. from r/tearsofthekingdom

The beacons last for one in-game day before disappearing, but they can be activated an unlimited number of times meaning you can get the Satori to help point out any caves you've missed until you find them all.

It's a much easier way of tracking down Bubbulfrogs than using the sensor on Blupees or the Bubbulfrogs themselves, as it tells you exactly where you need to go to get into the cave.

If you want to know where all the cherry blossom trees in Hyrule are, there's a map at Outskirts Stable in Hyrule Field that you can take a picture of with the Sheikah Slate and refer back to, if you want to find them with the clues provided in-game. If you're looking for a quick reference instead, we've got a guide which shows all cherry blossom tree locations in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom to help track down all Bubbulfrogs.

It might be painful to learn about such a handy tip now, particularly if you've spent plenty of hours roaming around Hyrule blindly looking for caves, but the existence of this Satori cave finder shows how much care Nintendo put into providing features that help players fully explore the game. 

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