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Leaked screen teases BioWare's big new game, probably needs context

BioWare is stoking the flames of internet speculation - or, at least, someone is -with the release of a single screenshot allegedly from the developer'ssoon-to-be-revealed new game.

Submittedto CVG (opens in new tab)by an anonymous 'US source', the image shows a woman freeing a child from rubble while a an unseen sniper waits to help... or murder them.

This image comes weeks after BioWare released a teaser video depicting a military man setting up to take a shot amidst similar looking rubble. That, and mysterious codes on BioWare's website, haveledsome to believethat thedeveloper was readying a grittier take on its Mass Effect franchise.

When asked by CVG to confirm these rumors, the source stated: "I won't spoil it for everyone by telling you what the game is. But it's going to have a lot of hardcore BioWare fans jumping out of their seats."

Any BioWare announcement makes me jump out of my seat, but the height and distance of said jump will depend on the official reveal during (what else?) Spike's VGA Awards tomorrow night. That gives you enough time to dissect the original teaser trailer roughly 5,829 more times.

Dec 9, 2010

[Source: CVG (opens in new tab)]

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