Leak shows how For Honor's first 2 DLC classes, the Ninja and Centurion, may play

The first two DLC heroes coming to For Honor may have leaked ahead of time. You'll probably recognize at least one of them by the hundreds of their kin you've slaughtered in every other video game - that's right, it seems ninja are ready to join the battle. The leaked image (via Reddit) also reveals the Roman Empire-inspired Centurion class. Ubisoft said it would introduce a new pair of heroes each for the second, third, and fourth Faction War seasons, so these two will presumably arrive with Season 2.

It looks like both classes still have some placeholder text on their descriptions. Usually the two pieces of text above the class name describe the role its plays in battle and its overall difficulty, and both the Ninja and Centurion just have their name again and then "Scrubmode". So unless that's the new name for a sub-"Easy" difficulty, yeah, probably placeholder. Even the class names themselves may be placeholders but they look about right next to the in-game models.

The big question is how these two new classes could play.


We all know how ninja fight, right? They run around with their arms stuck out like airplane wings, turn into logs, and occasionally shout "Believe it!" at inappropriate times. Naruto jokes aside, the Samurai faction's Orochi are already a bit ninja-ish, so it will be interesting to see how the actual Ninja class distinguishes itself. Here you can see the ninja wielding what looks like a modified pair of kusarigama. Typically kusarigama are sickles attached to weighted chains, making them suitable for swinging and tripping opponents, but in this case it looks he's looped the chains around his bracers. I'm not saying he's definitely going to whip them around like Kratos' Blades of Chaos, but I wouldn't bet against it either.

You can see the Ninja has the "Stealth" feat selected here. If you play Peacekeeper you're already familiar, but in short Stealth hides your icon and other info both on-screen and on the mini-map, making it easy for you to blend into crowds and sneak into position. And I'm thinking those chained sickles will make Ninja more of a threat at medium range than Peacekeepers, who have to close in to land hits with their lil' daggers.


You can't see what weapon the Centurion wields from this image, so it's tougher to suss out how he'll play ahead of time. He may be another sword-and-shield class like the Warlord, wielding a gladius and hefty scutum (the Greek Hoplite combo of spear-and-shield is already represented by the Valkyrie). His armor looks pretty heavy, so he probably won't be a particularly fast or agile character.

This Centurion has the Bounty Hunter passive feat equipped, which gives you a boost to health and stamina every time you kill another hero. This option indicates that he'll be the stand-and-fight type, if the armor didn't already make that clear. And I can already imagine the creepy customization opportunities for that face mask.

This is all speculation based on an alleged leak, of course, so even if it's accurate now it may still change before Ubisoft official reveals For Honor's first DLC heroes. However they shake out, they should bring along an exciting shake-up to the game's meta strategies.

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