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Layers of Fear could be an Xbox One owner's answer to PT

PT (opens in new tab), the "playable teaser" for Hideo Kojima's planned-but-ultimately-cancelled Silent Hills project, took the Internet by storm back in fall of 2014. Though it was pulled soon thereafter, people loved it. Just one problem: if you opted for Xbox One over PS4, you couldn't play it. That situation may soon be reversed though, thanks to the very PT-like Layers of Fear, coming to Steam and Xbox One.

Layers of Fear utilizes the same "walk around a haunted house with impossible physical dimensions" vibe from games like PT and adds in its own mix of unique horror. Where PT was distinctly a ghost story, Layers of Fear is a more Lovecraftian tale focused on madness and insanity, as you take control of a painter trying to complete their "masterpiece." Personally, I get a very "Pickman's Model (opens in new tab)" vibe from the whole thing. Take a look and decide for yourself:

Layers of Fear is currently available on Steam's Early Access. Development studio Bloober Team states that an 80% complete build featuring two to three hours of play will be coming to Xbox Preview (Microsoft's Early Access-like program for games still in development) later this fall.

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Sam Prell
Sam Prell

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