See how The Writer ties all three Layers of Fear stories together in this new cinematic trailer

The cinematic launch trailer for Layers of Fear has made its debut at the Future Games Show Summer Showcase Powered by Intel and sheds a little more light on the Writer. 

This mysterious protagonist is a new character for the series, binding together the previous games' heroes - the Painter and the Actor - in a ground-up remake of the first two installments. As you can see in the new footage both the previous characters are linked to the Writer in some way, but how...?

Layers of Fear is more than just a remake of the first two games. It bundles together the first and second instalment, including all the DLC, and wraps it all up in an all  new chapter: The Lighthouse. As shown in the trailer this new episode will reveal a new terrifying tale that will tie all three stories together as you explore, solve puzzles and survive to unravel what happened in three distinct psychological horror narratives. 

In a new reimaging of the original game, you'll be exploring a Victorian mansion that shifts and changes as the Painter struggles to complete his final masterpiece. This includes the original DLC where you play as the painter's daughter trying to uncover what happened. And a completely new DLC, The Final Note, that will expand on everything that happened to the Painter and his family. Layers of Fear 2 then continues the series' themes of creative obsession, but this time as the Actor - trapped on an ocean liner and subject to the whims of a mysterious director.  Finally the Writer takes to a secluded lighthouse to complete her book, with a history that somehow binds her to all the previous stories. 

While this is a remake of the original two games in the series it features new mechanics and features that will blend all three stories together seamlessly. And it'll do it with the latest Unreal 5 tech, such as ray tracing, HDR and 4K.   

Layers of Fear will be out on June 15 so don't forget Wishlist Layers of Fear on Steam now and follow creator Bloober Team on Twitter for more

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