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Layers of Fear developer Bloober Team talk about why The Medium will be next-gen only

(Image credit: Bloober Team)

Bloober Team have revealed why their next-gen horror, The Medium, could only be possible on Xbox Series X and PC.

Speaking to Xbox Wire (opens in new tab), Bloober Team producer Jacek Zięba reconfirmed that there'll be no cross-gen port of The Medium, and that it would be exclusive to Xbox Series X and PC. 

Zięba touched on some of the reasons for this, telling Xbox Wire: "Thanks to the power of Xbox Series X, we can develop the game the way we have always envisioned it. I’m not talking only about graphics, although certainly it helps create an immersive and disturbing atmosphere, but also about gameplay."

He also briefly explained that the step-up in power from the SSD means there will be no noticeable loading times, while "the sheer power of the CPU and GPU lets you go a bit crazy with your gameplay ideas, and we believe the new hardware will quickly change how games are being designed."

The Medium was first revealed in May's Inside Xbox show (opens in new tab), and we also had a chance to chat to Bloober Team recently about what they're aiming to deliver (opens in new tab) with their latest horror game. Lead game designer Wojciech Piejko told us: "We are creating horror games not only to scare the shit out of people, but to deliver a specific story and to tackle specific subjects". We can't wait for the sleepless nights when The Medium launches later this year. 

Don't forget, Xbox are planning a big showcase of their first party games later in July (opens in new tab), including a first look at Halo Infinite gameplay. 

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