Last Epoch Necromancer build guide

Last Epoch Necromancer
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The best Last Epoch Necromancer class build is all about using minions to do all the work for you. However, success here means finding the right minion combinations, equipping them with the best buffs, and making sure you keep replenishing plenty of mana. Our best Last Epoch Necromancer build guide will help here, and make sure you raise that dream army. 

Elsewhere, I've also got a Last Epoch Class tier list so you can see what other options you might want to try, and some Last Epoch best leveling builds to help you unlock more stuff faster.

Last Epoch Necromancer builds explained

Last Epoch Necromancer builds explained

(Image credit: Eleventh Hour Games)

The Last Epoch Necromancer class is an Acolyte mastery class closely related to the Warlock and the Lich. Almost all Necromancer build relies on minions, but with a wide variety to choose from it can be hard to pick the right options. If you’re going for a Golem build, it’s best to unlock buffs for that one Golem specifically. If you're going for Skeletons or Wraiths, you’ll likely need more mana to keep them in play.

As they come with excellent damage output, this Last Epoch Necromancer build focuses on Wraith minions. Although they usually cost a ton of mana, we’ll be exploiting a Drain Life hack to replenish it. 

Best Last Epoch Necromancer skills

Last Epoch Necromancer best skills

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  • Summon Wraith: fully upgrade Reapers, Necrotic Hunger, Wraith Bringer, and Covenant of Souls for more Wraiths, less mana cost, and more damage. Use Haunting to improve the Wraiths’ health. Dawn of the Fall and Dusk of the Living are highly recommended to improve the Wraiths’ critical strike.
  • Dread Shade: upgrade Congregation of Shades to spawn an additional Shade, Martyrdom for better minion armour, and Blind Fury, Dying Coven, Lingering Doom, and Grim Fate for much better damage. Use Wisdom of the Dead and Spectral Presence if you need more mana regeneration or a larger field of effect respectively. 
  • Drain Life: upgrade Hecatomb, Thoughtsteal, Necrotic Feast, and Grasp of the Damned to help you recover mana. 
  • Transplant: fully upgrade Anemia to reduce the HP cost, and upgrade Bone Armour, Apostasy, and Plated Bone for a defensive buff. Fully upgrade Siphon to also get a healing ability. 
  • Summon Volatile Zombie: fully upgrade Forceful Commander, Ravenous, and Pull of the Grave for less mana cost and better damage. Use Necromantic fervor to regain HP upon the explosion and Awakening Presence for a chance to spawn a Volatile Zombie whenever a minion dies. For better damage and range, upgrade Path of Destruction and Fervor as well. 

The idea behind this Necromancer build is to focus on one type of minion and buff it as much as possible; the Wraiths. Start by summoning Wraiths, buff them with Dread Shade, then use Drain Life to recover mana. With the maximum amount of Wraiths active on the battlefield, you’re free to cast Volatile Zombie - and you also have a 30% chance to spawn a Volatile Zombie whenever another minion dies. The Transplant movement ability is used to stay out of harm’s way and gain a bunch of buffs.

Best Last Epoch Necromancer passives

Last Epoch Necromancer best passives

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  • Acolyte passives: fully upgrade Dark Rituals and Stolen Vitality to boost minion damage and HP. Forbidden Knowledge is used to build your resistance and any excess points can go to Blood Aura. 
  • Necromancer passives: fully upgrade Risen Army, Cursed Blood, Aegisfall, Frantic Summons, River of Bones, Heresy, Rite of Undeath, and Blades of the Forlon to greatly boost minion damage. To improve your minions’ survivability, also upgrade Cling to Life and Empty the Graves. 
  • Lich passives: upgrade Apocrypha if you need better mana regeneration.

Luckily for us, both the Acolyte and Necromancer skill trees come with a great many minion damage boosts perfectly suited for this Last Epoch Necromancer build; increased attack speed, increased damage, and even increased health and resistances. As mana regeneration may be a concern due to the Wraiths’ summoning cost, resort to the Lich’s passive to help you out. 

Last Epoch Necromancer equipment

Since we’re working with minions here, your Necromancer build will greatly benefit from increased minion damage stats as well as increased minion health, and increased minion critical strike chance. Try to get some increased mana regeneration stats as well to make it easier to spam Wraiths. It would be best to use Idols specifically catered to Wraiths, such as the Ashen Adorned Immortal Idol of Cruelty, which offers the chance to spawn Fire Wraiths. If you manage to do that, unlock the Flame Wraith passive and focus more on fire damage in your passive skill point distribution. 

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