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Lars Von Trier On Trial

After we heard the news that Lars Von Trier's awful Antichrist will arrive in UK cinemas uncut, we thought we'd sit down the director and ask him to explain himself.

The following is our attempt to find out why he made it, whether he accepts it's a failure, and whether or not he sees himself as a misogynist. The court is now in session...

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We put it to you Mr Von Trier, that you have proved yourself a misogynist.

That would be ridiculous. Nobody hates women. But then, what should you write about?!

Of course, there are differences between the sexes. I’m very sure of that. And that’s good. That’s very good. But that also gives some tensions. Not that I feel them in my marriage!

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/Mr Von Trier! Are you at all fit to stand trial?

I have to tell you that I that I have been under therapy, under this cognitive therapy, for quite a lot of years.

And some of what you see in Antichrist might actually be a little sarcastic...

Defendant found in contempt of court and unfit for trial. Case adjourned until further notice.

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