Lara's Nemesis Uncovered

We have the pleasure of bringing youthese new shots from Tomb Raider: Legend featuring Amanda Evert; even though she'sfar from being Lara's biggest fan.

Originally a close friend, Amanda was with Lara during an excavation at a tomb in Peru. Lara's team of student archaeologists stumbled upon a "malevolent entity" while exploring, and everyone but the two treasure hunting ladies were killed. As they tried to escape the tomb, however, Amanda triggered an ancient trap, burying her beneath the earth in a sealed room that filled with water and drowned her. Lara left her for dead and fled to the surface.

At this point, it all goes a bit soap opera: Amanda wasn't killed, and eventually broke out of the tomb - and discovered that Lara had deserted her. Now she's dead set on beating her old buddy to the location of the legendary artifact Lara is searching for - attempting to kill off our heroine along the way as a bonus.

The plot might lack sophistication, but Tomb Raider: Legend's explore-o-action isn't lacking in style.

We'll have more for you on Lara's archaeological antics very soon.