Lair developer flies to its defence

Sept 05 2007

It hasn't even gone on sale yet, but Lair's developer Factor 5 has already started passing the buck for why Lair was utterly panned.

Developers usually keep quiet when the shit hits the fan, so we're mildly surprised to say the least. In an interview with MTV's GameFile, director Julian Eggebrecht first announced that the whole project was cursed from the start, before excusingLair's faults as not entirely their own. First off the bat, the fact that developing for PS3 isn't like painting by numbers.

"That is exactly the kick of creating a first-year game: exploring the not-yet-finished hardware and growing the technology while the hardware is coming together.

"I think both Rogue Leader and Lair gave a good stab at poking into the depths of the systems for such early titles, and from that you have a second-generation growth opportunity that surpasses most developers that jump onto the bandwagon later."