Konami wants to get into Web3 and Metaverse development for some reason

Metal Gear Solid 5
(Image credit: Konami)

Konami is getting into Web3 and Metaverse development, because of course it is.

Konami announced earlier today on October 13 in a blog post that it would be hiring workers to construct both Web3 and Metaverse services. This, according to the blog post, is all geared up in service of Konami launching a system where users can trade NFTs to each other online.

There are currently 13 open positions at the Japanese company for development surrounding Web3 and Metaverse-related projects. Konami hopes this will "strengthen our structure and accelerate our business," which perfectly aligns with NFTs general goals for global warming and climate change. 

Expectation from Konami fans is generally pretty low nowadays, what with the unceremonious torching of Metal Gear, Silent Hill, and anything else remotely promising. Metal Gear has been relegated to pachinko games in recent years in Japan, after all, and who the hell knows what’s going on with Silent Hill at this point, after years of rumor, anticipation, and speculation. 

Konami isn’t the only gaming-adjacent company getting into NFTs, unfortunately. Square Enix also has its eyes set on the digital marketplace, telling investors it would be pouring money into both NFTs and the cloud back in May earlier this year. Could we not just have video games please, Konami and Square Enix? You’re actually quite good at making them, funnily enough.  

Let’s just hope those reported Silent Hill projects end up being good enough to drag Konami away from the awful NFT/Metaverse space. Since a new Silent Hill game was even rated in Korea just last month, here’s hoping we’re not too far off from a grand revival of the iconic horror franchise. 

Konami is still planning on relisting Metal Gear Solid games originally taken down over historical footage.   

Hirun Cryer

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