Kojima's working on a "big, extremely edgy game" for Sony

You've probably forgotten that Kojima was working on a new game, what with all the teasing hanging out with ex-PT stars (opens in new tab), or naming Shaun The Sheep as one of his films of 2015 (opens in new tab). But he is, and last night he talked briefly about it at this year's DICE Summit.

Saying he felt "extremely free right now," he described his new project as a "big, extremely edgy game." He also talked about not making any compromises despite having a smaller team, and working for Sony, adding "I have to be careful with this."

But while a lot's changed he also still talked about making 'his' game and not bowing to external pressures: "I have no intentions of ever changing anything I do in order for it to be a hit, to sell more," he told the audience. "That’s something that I would want never do and I’m not going do. So I have to create something that I want to play, something that people want to play and, within that, figure out ways that it will be appealing to market, that it will be a successful game. But I can make those adjustments, I chose them so I feel extremely free."

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