Hnnng. Kojima is meeting Silent Hills actor Norman Reedus for 'updates'

Update: It looks like Kojima's meeting with Reedus has inspired the actor into ... something. Reedus posted a picture of the Kojima Productions logo to his Instagram account shortly after his meeting with Kojima, as reported below. However, without a caption or explanation, it's basically just another tease. Come on, guys. This is starting to get cruel. Don't play with our hearts!

Original story: Before we go any further: Silent Hills is dead, okay. At least to Kojima - Konami owns that thing completely and is never letting go. It's gone.

That said, it hasn't stopped Kojima meeting up with some of the people involved for "updates." Look! He's doing it now:

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That's Norman Reedus, obviously. Who was to star in Silent Hills, as revealed at the end of the PT Playable Teaser. Kojima's already talked about wanting to still work with filmmaker Guillermo del Toro, his other creative partner on Hills. The two are even giving a keynote at an upcoming DICE2016 event to talk about themselves and their influences.

Now, Kojima is famously a tease, especially on twitter where he constantly torments fans with coy references and hints. So this is most likely the man playing us all again, by propagating the idea that he, del Toro and Reedus are all just hanging around in secret horror game club behind our backs.

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