Kojima thinks Death Stranding will be his "best work so far" thanks to Mark Cerny

Kojima's still being cagey on Death Stranding but he's feeling pretty confident about it thanks to two things: technology, and PS4 architect Mark Cerny. 

Speaking at this year's Develop, Kojima talked about how he often had to compromise because of technological constraints in the past, but this time "state of the art technology" means he's not expecting to have the same problems for his new project. 

"So far, when I’m making games there’s ultimately a point where I have to give up on something, where I need to compromise in order to get things done," Kojima explained. "But this time, working with [Mark Cerny], through technology, using different technologies, we will get around that". 

In case you missed it Kojima's been on some extended tours of Sony studios with Mark Cerny to see different tech and gather ideas, all of which he took back to help shape his new studio. Whatever he found, Kojima's feeling good about it and his working relationship with Cerny: "I’m very confident that working together we will be able to make something that no one has ever seen, something completely new. It should be my best work so far, I’m very confident working with you".

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