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Knight Rider starts on UK television tonight review

SPOILER WARNING! The re-imagined Knight Rider series comes to the UK tonight courtesy of the SCI FI Channel. Here’s our episode guide and a round-up of our Spoiler Zone scores

For our UK readers - at 8pm tonight on SCI FI you can see the first episode of the new Knight Rider, with Mike Traceur grasping the steering wheel of a new KITT (voiced by Val Kilmer). We've been printing reviews in our Spoiler Zone since the show started airing in the US last year, and here's our season summary. Beware: plentiful spoilers for the whole season!

A shadowy flight into the world of a naff but fun TV show. The special effects as KITT "transforms" into one of its various forms are gimmicky and the scurrying minions within the Batcave-style HQ look straight out of a spoof. It's incredible how many opportunities the characters find to lose their clothes, as in the first episode "A Knight In Shining Armor" (1.01) where the tone is set as Michael and Sarah strip to avoid overheating following a napalm attack. The original show was cheesy too so it's true to the source material, and once your brain accepts the 1980s Saturday afternoon vibe, it's enjoyable in a goofy way – this episode is a hodgepodge mix in which the Knight team rescues a scientist whose DNA holds an encryption key.

You can find the official Knight Rider UK website here , and Wikipedia's episode list is here . Let us know what you think of the show in the comment thread below or over on our TV forum .

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