Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance - Spirit guide

Ingredients List

There is an incredible number of ingredients to be found in Kingdom Hearts, but we have them all laid out for you here. Hey, you never know when you’re going to need to reference a list.

  • Brilliant Fantasy
  • Charming Fantasy
  • Dulcet Fantasy
  • Epic Fantasy
  • Fleeting Fantasy
  • Grim Fantasy
  • Intrepid Fantasy
  • Lofty Fantasy
  • Malleable Fantasy
  • Noble Fantasy
  • Prickly Fantasy
  • Rampant Fantasy
  • Savage Fantasy
  • Troubling Fantasy
  • Vibrant Fantasy
  • Wild Fantasy
  • Wondrous Fantasy
  • Dulcet Figment
  • Fleeting Figment
  • Grim Figment
  • Intrepid Figment
  • Lofty Figment
  • Noble Figment
  • Rampant Figment
  • Troubling Figment
  • Vibrant Figment
  • Wondrous Figment

Remember, you can get ingredients from picking up enemy loot drops and purchasing from Moogle Shops. Rare ingredients can be obtained by completing Link Portals.

Spirited Away

We hope this guide helps you acquire all 50 Spirits. It’s a long road, but having a complete collection is something to be proud of.

Have a favorite Spirit? Have any other tips for gathering them? Share in the comments!

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