Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance - Beginner's guide

Sora and Riku are back, in another handheld instillation of Kingdom Hearts. In Dream Drop Distance, the duo is taking their Mark of Mastery exams and use their Keyblades to unlock worlds that are "submerged in sleep." Though the two start in the familiar world of Traverse Town, there are plenty of new characters, moves and spirit companions to explore. With all the new tutorials, it can be a little overwhelming. Good thing we've partnered with BradyGames to help you get through the first part of the game and on your way to becoming a full fledged Keyblade master.

Table of Contents

Traverse Town: Sora

  • Dive Mode
  • Flowmotion Basics
  • Save Points
  • Reality Shift
  • Flowmotion Combat
  • Spirit Creation

Sora: Part 2

  • Dream Drop
  • Drop Gauge
  • More Traverse Town
  • Boss: Hockomonkey

Traverse Town: Riku

  • Dive Mode: Riku
  • Link Portals
  • Riku makes a Spirit
  • Linking with Spirits
  • Bonuses with Drop Points
  • Hockomonkey