Venom and the Avengers strike at Knull in King in Black #1 preview

Page from King in Black #1
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Marvel's Venom-centric King in Black event is coming up later this year, and along with the tie-ins and titles that are part of the story, Marvel has revealed some of Ryan Stegman's interior pages from King in Black #1.

In the latest pages, Venom sends out the call to assemble the Avengers – something it's a little bit surprising Venom has the access to accomplish – in order to take on Knull and his forces as they arrive on Earth.

"After a campaign across the galaxy, Knull’s death march arrives to Earth and, worse yet, he hasn't come alone!" reads Marvel's official description of the story. "With an army of hundreds of thousands of symbiote dragons at his command, the King in Black is a force unlike any Earth's heroes have ever faced."

"Eddie Brock, AKA Venom has seen firsthand the chaos that even one of Knull's symbiotic monsters can wreak – will he survive an encounter with the God of the Abyss himself?" it continues. "From Donny Cates, Ryan Stegman, JP Mayer, Frank Martin and VC’s Clayton Cowles comes the definitive chapter in their two-year-long Venom saga that changed everything you thought you knew about symbiotes!"

Here are seven interior pages from King in Black #1.

Writer Donny Cates has been building toward Knull's arrival since he started writing Venom some time ago – and now it's all coming home to roost in the five-part crossover, which also includes a number of tie-ins featuring everyone from the Black Cat, to Doctor Doom and Iron Man, to the Immortal Hulk, and even a flashback to the time when Peter Parker wore the Venom symbiote before it bonded with Eddie Brock to become Venom.

Here all all the released covers from King in Black #1 so far:

King in Black #1 (of 5) goes on sale on December 2.

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