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King Of Escape DVD review

Escaping the lake.

Before scoring a critical hit with Stranger By The Lake, Alain Guiraudie made this surreal sex comedy about a gay man’s mid-life crisis. Armand (Ludovic Berthillot) is an overweight fortysomething tractor salesman whose head – and more – is turned by a colleague’s 16-year-old daughter (Hafsia Herzi).

The elliptical plotting escalates from downbeat realism into a farcical thriller where everybody’s permanently horny and notions of what’s ‘normal’ are wryly mocked. The erotic frankness is subverted by Guiraudie’s deadpan, dream-like structure, which achieves its irreverent tone through sight gags, bizarre coincidences and Berthillot’s innocent charm.


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More Info

DVD release23 March 2015
DirectorAlain Guiraudie
StarringLudovic Berthillot, Hafsia Herzi, Pierre Laur
Available platformsMovie