Kinect sales outpace Move by over one million units

Kinect was released several weeks after Sony's rival PlayStation Move peripheral, but the controller-free system has managed to sell many more units. In fact, there are about a million more Kinect units in homes around the world than there are PlayStation Move wands.

Industry tracker IHS iSuppli says approximately 6.36 million Kinect sensors have been sold since the accessory came out in November. Sony's Move, meanwhile, which was released last September, has sold only 5.23 million units.

But that's not all. As iSuppli points out, it is possible to use more than one PlayStation Move controller with a single PS3, as opposed to Kinect, which has a one-to-one relationship with the Xbox 360. Therefore, the firm estimates only 4.26 million PS3 consoles are actually Move-equipped. That's more than two million less than the number of Kinect-equipped 360s.

Of course, Microsoft has funneled money into the promotion of Kinect - it revealed that its Kinect marketing budget was more than any previous Xbox product to date. The device has appeared on talk shows, its commercials have dominated the airwaves, and MS devoted tons of resources to in-store displays. The Move's fanfare, by comparison, seems muted.

All that extra work seems to be paying off. Then again, Sony's intentions with Move were arguably less grandiose - offering a new way to play, as opposed to Microsoft's self-proclaimed revolution. Either way, they've both sold millions, and isn't that what it's all about?

[Source: Reghardware]

Mar 1, 2011