Killzone PS3 demo goes head-to-head with Halo 3 beta?

Is Sony going to use shooter Killzone PS3 to steal some of Microsoft's Halo 3 multiplayer beta thunder this spring?

Well, that's what a rumor on is suggesting, saying that a demo of the PS3 sequel that was last in the public eye at E3 2005 will actually appear before the Halo 3 beta begins.

It's additionally rumored that Killzone PS3 is well into development - so far in fact that the online section of the game has existed in playable form for nearly a year. Coupled with the demo rumor, it implies that the game could well release before Halo 3.

Sony was unavailable for comment on the rumors at the time of writing.

The first Killzone game was massively hyped and turned out to be disappointing. Will Sony and developer Guerrilla set things to rights with the PS3 sequel? We can but wait and see.

February 6, 2007