Killzone dev: We'll shut up the critics

E3 might not be the over-the-top gaming extravaganza we've come to know and love (or hate) but there's plenty planned for the July show. Killzone on PS3 is just one of the highlights we're looking forward to seeing. Guerrilla Games gives an update.

As Guerrilla Games prepares for E3 and some Killzone PS3 action, the dev has spoken of the pressures it faces. "Excitement with an underlying: "OH MY GOD WE ARE ALL GOING TO DIE!" says Test Lead and QA Manager Sebastian Downie.

"I am sure there are a hundred developers around the globe feeling the same way right now though. Everyone wants their game to play look and sound perfectly when the public first get to see it. If you are working on an AAA Next Gen beast of a game or something for mobile phones you want to make a good impression on people. And if you have the baggage that we have we have to give it that extra little bit. Hopefully it will all go brilliantly and we'll shut up even some of the most ardent critics."

Unfortunately it looks like we'll have to wait until E3 before anything new is released on the title. "Well it has online. I can't say anything about it though. There will be a Public Beta, but not till later in the year. It will be a FPS, but I guess you figured that out by now... Phew. There really is absolutely nothing I can actually talk about. Oh well. See you at E3!"

You will indeed.

Read the full interview over at the unofficialKillzone Unit website (opens in new tab).

June 8, 2007