Killzone 3 video – Full Access Playthrough

Our last trip to the Killzone was an utterly miserable ordeal for a myriad of reason almost too goddamned stupid to go into. Obviously,Killzone 2 was an excellent game.But any criticism levied at the game provoked so much unnecessary ire in Sony%26rsquo;s loyal army of incredibly nasty fanboys, it essentially ruined the game for us beyond any professional responsibility. Lo and behold, looks like all those minor gripes were worth all the name calling and death threats becauseKillzone 3 addresses them dutifully, including something the last game sorely lacked: COLOR!

Feb 25, 2011

A JRPG about the console wars with pervy overtones? Truly, a FAP in every sense!

Mario Sports Mix video - Full Access Playthrough
How do we soothe the pain inflicted by Mario%26rsquo;s most uninspired game in recent memory? With some Hyper-Serious Sportscaster Commentary! WHAMMY!!

We tricked our PS3 into thinking it was Japanese and grabbed Atlus' latest sexy, sheepy demo