Killers, cowboys and conspiracy

It’s the long Labour Day weekend in the States, but that hasn’t stopped three films getting their trailers out there for web eyes to see.

The latest in the Saw franchise is first up and despite the villain Jigsaw having died in part three, the cash cow isn’t through being milked. Just when you think the crafty games master is really gone – guess what happens when a detective arrives to clear up some of the loose ends? “You think it is over,” intones the creepy mastermind’s usual voice. “But the games have just begun.” Yes, it’s time for more bloodthirsty tricks. Check it out here .

Secondly, another promo, this time for a movie that’s drawing mixed notices at the Telluride Film Festival, and seems to have been though more edits than a Michael Bay scene. But it’s already won the award for this year’s longest title: The Assassination Of Jesse James By The Coward Robert Ford. Featuring the likes of Brad Pitt and Casey Affleck, it’s aiming to make the Western seem moody and arthouse-y again. This is the new longer trailer, with less of Pitt just wandering about and more of the rest of the cast, and you can find it here .

Finally, a strange one that finds a group of thesps who have been spending their days recently in artier fare (Sigourney Weaver, Forrest Whittaker, William Hurt) and someone more used to popcorn fare (Dennis Quaid) in a distinctly action-packed thriller, Vantage Point. It unspools a conspiracy plot about the President of the US (Hurt) making a speech in Spain when he gets shot. Eight strangers, including Weaver’s TV producer and Whittaker’s tourist all see something – but what’s the truth. The answer appears to involve car chases and double crossing. See it here .

source:( Yahoo Movies ) ( Sony Pictures )

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