Kill everyone

Crackdown drags Saints Row into the new millennium and shows it what gang violence is really all about: injuring bystanders as heartlessly as possible. We've got three new screens of this free-roaming, open-world crime-stopper, but what're really gonna squeeze your stones are the three new videos you can watch if you click the Movies tab above.

Our personal favorite is the Props trailer, which features your buffed up hyper-officer bench pressing automobiles filled terrified passengers and then carelessly hurling them into the air. This game looks like Saints Row with a futuristic City of Heroes veneer slathered liberally all over it, and we can't wait to commandeer some supercars in the sprawling metropolis of Pacific City. We're all going to have to sit on our hands for a bit though, because Crackdown doesn't even have a rough release date yet... Microsoft hasn't even named a season.

August 4, 2006