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Kid Icarus doesn't run very well on 3DS

Don't worry, the game itself looks to 'run' just fine. But the same can't be said for its protagonist, Pitt. Who gave the go-ahead for this running animation? Or rather, both these running animations. Kid Icarus runs like a... well, giraffe is the kind word, but we had some more colourful alternatives in our meeting this morning. It's like a child pretending to be a horse. And even the sprint makes his legs look about twice as long as they should be. Observe:

Perhaps the Project Sora team are fans of Eddie Izzard (skip to 1:14 if you must)...

Fortunately, the game itself is looking stunning. In fact, we'd say it looks like a modern-day Space Harrier - complete with a multi-headed dragon (at which point it even goes a bit Shadow of the Colossus). Ratchet-style grind rails, Panzer Dragoon-style lock-ons... and even though the running itself is poor, it's good to see some on-foot sections that aren't just on-rails shooting. See it all in these further gameplay videos for you to ogle:

Utterly magical, I'm sure you'll agree. Despite being given plenty of showreel time at the 3DS' unveiling, Kid Icarus: Uprising is not down as a 3DS launch title for Japan next month. But we're happy to wait a little longer - this looks like being be a rare instance of actual gaming magic and we want it to be perfect.

Even if he does run like a... (snip!)

10 Jan, 2010

Source: CVG

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