Kevin Smith canes critic!

You’ve bought your ticket, you’ve picked your seat and you’ve settled in for the movie. Forty minutes in and the fella in front of you starts mouthing off, swearing, stands up and marches out.

Are you pissed off? Oh yes. Are you distracted? Certainly. But kids these days just have no respect, do they...?

What if you were a film critic, enjoying an advance screening of the hotly anticipated Kevin Smith flick Clerks II and a 30-year veteran of the movie review world got to his feet and let rip with such a tirade?

Well, needless to say, the gang of gathered journos weren’t impressed when Good Morning America movie critic Joel Siegel did just that, uttering the words “Time to go! This is the first movie I’ve walked out of in 30 fucking years!”

Siegel claims his outburst was the result of his disgust at a particular scene in the film but before long, his tantrum was reported to Smith and the Silent Bob star hilariously hit back via his online diary .

The site also contains a sound clip from a radio show where Siegel and Smith ‘discuss’ the incident for which, incidentally, Siegel refuses to apologise.

Honestly, all this fuss over one little scene about donkey sex. Some people...