Kelly Sue DeConnick confirms her Aquaman exit but is it canceled?

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Kelly Sue DeConnick has confirmed her departure as the writer of DC's ongoing Aquaman title with November 17's Aquaman #65, to be included in DC's November 2020 solicitations, coming later today right here on Newsarama. And it remains unclear what the future of the Aquaman title is altogether beyond November. 

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DeConnick took over Aquaman in 2018 with #43, writing over 20 issues of the series, counting a recent fill-in from writer Jordan Clark on Aquaman #62 and the upcoming Aquaman #63. The cover shown here is for Aquaman #64, DeConnick's return issue.

"You're very kind, but condolences are unnecessary," DeConnick states on Twitter in response to a fan who asserted Aquaman had been cancelled. "I am leaving the book a few issues past when I'd planned to leave. I stayed on longer than I'd intended because the pandemic school closures caused me to fall behind and I needed extra time to wrap up storylines."

DC has not responded to Newsarama's inquiries about the status of Aquaman. 

"Maybe this is a good place to say I have come to love Arthur and Mera and their family in Amnesty Bay over the last year (or two? What is time?)," DeConnick continues. "They've inspired me, surprised me, made me laugh and taught me some things. I will be forever grateful for this and for the kindness and support of the #Aquafans."

Though DeConnick doesn't confirm or deny whether Aquaman will end with #65, she states that "there's no one to pass the torch to in the immediate," indicating DC is not ready to make that announcement either.

"There's a lot of anxiety when a new team comes aboard and I deeply appreciate your trust, patience and support," DeConnick states. "The only bad news for me personally is that there's no one to pass the torch to in the immediate!"

"Here's the thing:  this isn't the end of Aquaman," DeConnick concludes. "What has he taught us? Steer the boat, not the ocean; wait for the storm to pass. When the time is right, he'll be back. I'm sure of it. & I'll look forward to reading his new adventures then."

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