Kaz Hirai: PlayStation has to compete with alcohol

Sony's PlayStation brand has to go up against more than just Nintendo and Microsoft - it's also battling against other forms of entertainment - like, as Sony Computer Entertainment president Kaz Hirai points out, alcohol.

Ina recent interview, Hirai was asked how the PSP2 would fare against the 3DS, and how important it was to come out ahead. Hirai dismissed the significance of that particular feat, saying, "Some people talk about the competition with game consoles like the Nintendo 3DS. But I think that it's too narrow-minded to discuss the competition among game platforms such as Wii versus PS3 and Xbox versus PS3."

"Game is an entertainment. In other words, any kinds of entertainments can be its rivals," he added. "So, movie, TV and even drinking party can be its rivals."

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In our experience, 'drinking party' is an ehancement to games, not a competitor. Have you ever tried playing SingStar at a college dorm party? And what if you and your friends wager to take a shot every time your non-gamer buddy makes Nathan Drake die? Then you have a drinking game AND a PlayStation game all in one.

For Hirai, though, it was more about redirecting the question about NGP versus 3DS.

"There is no point in being happy about winning or losing in the competition with the 3DS if other kinds of entertainments are booming in the world and no one plays games any more. Anyway, we consider it important to provide games and their platforms that users can enjoy," he concluded.

The 3DS comes out next month, and will have a good several-month head start before the PSP2 comes out late in the year.

[Source: Tech-On]

Feb 10, 2011