Kangaroo Jack review

You can't blame a man for trying to spread his creative wings, but Jerry Bruckheimer taking on a jaunty kiddie flick starring a computerised kangaroo? Come on.

Jerry O'Connell plays Charlie Carbone, a Brooklyn hairdresser who repeatedly lets down his Mob-boss stepdad (Christopher Walken). Now it's payback time, Charlie and best mate Louis (Anthony Anderson) being ordered to deliver a package to the Australian outback. Naturally they lose it, a madcap marsupial bagging the goods and hopping off with 'em...

Bringing Up Baby for the CGI age? Not quite, but you'll be bringing up something after watching this pap. O'Connell may have once been the fat kid in Stand By Me, but he sure as hell can't do comedy anymore. Even worse, his appalling gurning is soundtracked by Anderson's ear-piercing whines. Yes, he's cinema stereotype #472: FUNNY, OVERWEIGHT BLACK MAN. And let's not forget the vacuous visuals, clumsy physical japes and Walken on autopilot. Okay for 8-12 year olds, a must-flee for everyone else.

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