Justice League 'Doom Metal' Crossover November solicitations and covers

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Joshua Williamson and Xermanico are taking over DC's ongoing Justice League title come September for a tie-in to the currently-running Dark Nights: Death Metal, and early solicitations for November's two-part finale reveal the revival of a classic supervillain team and a choice for newly-recruited Justice Leaguer Lex Luthor to make as a result.

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"The Legion of Doom has been freed—and now, they're turning on their saviors—the Justice League!" reads DC's synopsis for November 17's Justice League #57. "Teeth will gnash, knuckles will be bare, and Lex Luthor will make a decision that shocks everyone, including Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman! It all leads straight back to Dark Nights: Death Metal!"

Lex Luthor revived the Legion of Doom a few years ago in Scott Snyder's Justice League run, in a quest for ultimate power and a partnership with Perpetua. That was all for naught, as she chose the Batman Who Laughs over Lex, casting him aside. September's Justice League #53 will feature Lex teaming up with the Justice League in the wrought, post-apocalyptic world the Batman Who Laughs constructed after receiving Perpetua's blessing. 

So the "decision" that Lex Luthor will make would seemingly be to reunite with his Legion of Doom, or instead stick with his newly-found Justice League partners. On the face of it, it would "shock everyone" more for him to stick with the Justice League, no? We'll see.

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Meanwhile, the penultimate issue of this arc, November 3's Justice League #56, will feature more of the simmering romance between Hawkgirl and Martian Manhunter - but they will also have to deal with the Dark Mindhunter, a dark multiverse amalgam of Martian Manhunter and Batman.

"In this Dark Nights: Death Metal tie-in issue, the Justice League has nowhere left to hide from the agents of Perpetua," reads this issue's synopsis. "The towering, nightmarish Omega Knight hunts them to the edges of Brimstone Bay and will stop at nothing until the team is obliterated! And all the while, above Perpetua's throne, Hawkgirl battles the Dark Mindhunter for the soul of the man she loves: Martian Manhunter! Look out below—these heroes are operating without a safety net!"

This five-part 'Doom Metal' tie-in begins with September 15's Justice League #53, and culminates with November's double-shipping Justice League #56 and #57. 

For more on DC's November offerings, stay tuned to Newsarama later this month for the company's full November 2020 solicitations.

Check out all the Justice League 'Doom Metal' covers in our gallery. 

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