Just Visiting review

Nine years after Les Visiteurs became France's most successful comedy, the director and stars are reunited for this broad American adaptation that relocates the time travel tale to modern Chicago.

Jean Reno and Christian Clavier play a medieval Count and his dogsbody servant - - a sort of Gallic Blackadder and Baldrick - - whisked 800 years into the future by Malcolm McDowell's Gandalf-style wizard. There they spend most of their time vandalising cars, trashing bathrooms and getting arrested, though a whiff of romance is supplied by Reno's comely descendant (Christina Applegate).

Opportunistically released in France as Les Visiteurs En Amérique, this is basically identical to the original, albeit with the more scatological gags removed. Reno clearly enjoys not being the heavy for a change, but Clavier looks uncomfortable clowning in English and Tara Reid is annoyingly dippy as the hippy chick he takes a shine to. Mildly entertaining, but perhaps it's best if the franchise stops here.

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