Just Cause - hands-on

First there’s the spy-tech toys. You’ve got a grappling hook you can use to clasp on to moving vehicles and reel yourself into the driver‘s seat, and an endless supply of parachutes, which you’ll use for skydiving and drifting down steep drops.

Then there’s the harrowing stunts. You can bound freely from any combination of nearby vehicles, from plane to plane to car to boat to etc. A button press flips you out onto the top of vehicle. If you’re airborne, you’ll be hanging off a wing of your plane. One more button tap launches the hop. And because the game lets you fly into the stratosphere, there’s an impressive sense of scale that makes plane leaping epic. There’s potential for madness-inducing skydives and humongous leaps of faith from above the clouds. Soar into the heavens my child, where thou shalt perform shenanigans to entertain thy lord.