Jurassic Park: The Game promo brings T-Rex Avatar pets to XBLA

Telltale Games' Jurassic Park: The Game doesn't release for another three weeks, but the clever girls that developed the game have paired with GameStop to offer prospective Xbox 360 players a pre-order bonus. By extracting DNA information from the blood of 65 million year-old mosquitoes, the companies have managed to recreate Tyrannosaurus Rex as an XBLA avatar, whose pint-sized ferocity is on offer to anyone who puts their name down for a copy of the game. Science is so cute.

Okay, so Telltale signed with virtual goods developer Meemo to design the pet, which can't see you unless you move, and can be distracted by hurling flares, or left to stomp about your dashboard in all her terrible, shrunken-down majesty. She'll be available for purchase alongside a stack of other avatar goodies when the game launches on Nov 15, alongside Episode 1 of the computer version of the title.

Preorders will earn a code to unlock the T-Rex when the game's picked up, or emailed to you shortly after shipping if you order online from online. from E3 earlier this year, too, in case you're still on the fence (and you might want to check the fence to make sure it's not electrocuted).