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Junk Mail review

Oslo postman Roy (played by Tim Roth lookalike Robert Skjærstad) is definitely one of life's losers. Terminally lazy, completely unloved and permanently dishevelled, he lives alone in considerable squalor, taking pleasure from reading other people's letters. One day he chances upon some keys that have been left in the mailbox of Line, a young deaf woman, and immediately lets himself into her apartment - - which leads to some serious complications.

A distinctly offbeat comedy-cum-love story, Junk Mail has some unexpectedly grungy Norwegian locations, deadpan Kaurismaki-style humour (""How was your coma?"" / ""Nice and quiet""), and a score mixing karaoke tunes, Wagner and the theme to Postman Pat. Somehow Skjærstad manages to invest his character with enough humanity for us to care about the bizarre on-screen shenanigans.

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