Juni Ba puts a cool, cartoony spin on Damian Wayne in new DC Black Label book The Boy Wonder

Art from Boy Wonder #1
(Image credit: DC)

Damian Wayne takes the spotlight in The Boy Wonder - a new DC Black Label series that is described as an "accessible and heartrending fairy tale." Written and drawn by Juni Ba, the five-issue series explores Batman's son's sometimes difficult relationship with the other men who have been Robin: Nightwing (Dick Grayson), Red Hood (Jason Todd), and Red Robin (Tim Drake). 

In the series, which launches in May, Batman has been called away on urgent business. When rumors start spreading of a demon stalking the streets of Gotham, however, Damian must work together with the other Robins to save the day.

It sounds good - but what really makes The Boy Wonder stand out is Juni Ba's gorgeous, hyper-stylized take on these familiar characters. You'll see what we mean in the gallery below...

Nice, eh? Ba, who has previous written and drawn Monkey Meat for Image and Djeliya for TKO Presents, is really leaning into a cartoony vibe here, something he readily admits when he talks about the new book.

"There is in Robin, something quintessentially fun and superheroic," said Ba in a statement. "To me, he is the epitome of childlike adventure and wonder. Coming from the generation of fans that loved Batman: The Animated Series, I want The Boy Wonder to capture the fun of episodic adventure, and the compelling characters in an accessible book that anyone can enjoy regardless of prior history."

Here's his cover for #1, plus a Cliff Chiang variant.

Describing Damian as "my favorite little gremlin," Ba went on to ask, "who better to teach us about heroism and family, than someone who, deep down, fears he's not a good enough person to deserve either? The story will be fun, but tug at your heartstrings, too."

The Boy Wonder #1 is published by DC on May 7.

Unsure how Damian Wayne is related to Batman or how he fits in with the other Robins? Find out in our handy explainer.

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