'Joker War' preview double feature - Detective Comics #1024 and #1025

(Image credit: DC)

DC has released a couple of previews of the next two issues of Detective Comics - both tie-in issues to the current 'Joker War' Batman event. 

First up is a preview of this week's Detective Comics #1024, by the creative team of
Peter J. Tomasi, Brad Walker, Andrew Hennessy, Norm Rapmund and Brad Anderson.

On sale Tuesday, June 21, the story focuses on arch Batman villain Two-Face. Harvey Dent is also turning out to be an adversary of the Joker, who is now in control of Bruce Wayne's billion-dollar empire. 

"And now that Two-Face finds himself confronted by an army of Talons controlled by…you guessed it, the Joker, the former Gotham City D.A. must make a choice: Will he join with the villain who messed with his brain to rid Gotham of Batman once and for all?" asks DC in its official description of the issue. 

"Or will he side with the Dark Knight in what seems like a losing battle against a legion of undead warriors?"

Here's a look at the first four pages of this week's Detective Comics #1024. 

DC has also released a first look at seven pages from August 11's Detective Comics #1025, by Tomasi and artist Kenneth Rocafort, in a story featuring Batwoman.  

"'The Joker War' explodes with an assault on Wayne Enterprises!" reads DC's description of next month's issue. "The Joker has taken control of Waynetech R&D—and with it, all the weapons hidden in its sublevels—plus Lucius Fox as a hostage!"

"The Joker and his clown-masked henchmen are now using Wayne Enterprises as an armory, using sophisticated 3-D printers to produce weapons to rule Gotham City... but Batman and Batwoman might have something to say about that."

Check out those first look pages below. 

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