Joker swag revealed...

We've run with this whole viral thing. We've enjoyed it. But now it's starting to get just a little ridiculous. We really hope that the latest stunt is an oblique reference to the film - perhaps a bowling alley gets blown up by the Joker's goons or something. If it's not, well then that's just plain lazy.

Okay, you've got us. We're just seething with jealousy that we weren't quick enough to get one of these bad boys for ourselves.

A handful of lucky bat-fans are now in possession of some of the coolest film memorabilia in cinema history - a bowling ball in Joker colours, a collectable bag, a priceless note from the Clown Prince himself and a special mobile phone. We really don't want to see this stuff end up on ebay.

To take a proper look at the Joker's goodies, hit the link to go to Collider. And for details on more new viral sites, head over to Cinematical.