JJ's Star Trek not a sequel, prequel or reboot...

Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman have been talking up the new Star Trek on a Fox TV Show called Life After Film School (No? Us neither) and Chud.com have put together a very interesting theory based on what the boys have been spouting.

On the show, Orci and Kurtzman state their Star Trek flick isn't a prequel. Which is weird, considering the fact that it features the adventures of the younger versions of all of our Enterprise pals.

But, as Chud puts it: "The movie begins in the Star Trek present - some time in the The Next Generation timeline. Romulans head back in time, either to kill Kirk or his father (or both, just to be safe. This is known as "The Terminator Gambit") and Spock follows them into the past, back when the Enterprise crew were young. These events change the history of the Trek universe, either creating a parallel timeline that the films will now follow or simply overwriting everything else that we know as Trek history."

So, sequel, prequel and reboot, all for the price of one cinema ticket! Head to Chud for more, and set phasers to 'continuity'.

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