JJ Abrams talks more about Trek

Ever since he was handed the reigns of the venerable Star Trek franchise, we’ve been waiting for more word on what JJ Abrams will do with the good ship Enterprise and its crew.

But while he’s not yet at a point to really get into the plot, there is at least proof that he’s been doing his reading. And his watching. And his thinking. In fact, if we weren’t more reasonable people, we’d suspect he was just using this as a big excuse to geek out.

"We've been provided with every published Star Trek work, whether it's original novels or analysis or companions to the series,” the director told Variety (opens in new tab) . And while he adds that he’s watching episodes of classic Trek, he doesn’t want to get bogged down in the tone of the show. "We don't want to become oversaturated with the pre-existing material. We're reading as much as we can, and as much as we need to, but we're also going to limit it. You want to remain fresh and be inspired."

And while he’s definitely working on the movie, he’s still not been clear on whether he’ll actually call the shots. And according to him, it’s "infinitely too early to be talking about the plot of the pic.”

Still, he knows what he wants to see: "Star Trek to me was always about infinite possibility and the incredible imagination that Gene Rodenberry brought to that core of characters. It was a show about purpose, about faith versus logic, about science versus emotion, about us versus them. It was its own world, and yet it was our world."

And he’s ready for a possible backlash: "We absolutely feel beholden to the fans, but at the same time, we have to recognise that you can't only go out and make a movie or TV shows for a group of people that live and breathe a show.”

He’s right – as Serenity unfortunately proved, you might have a great film, but if you don’t appeal outside of the core audience, the box office figures won’t be healthy...

Source:( Variety (opens in new tab) )

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