Jim Ryan had to stop Sony engineers from making a $1000 PS5

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The PS5 is officially out for players around the world, and that means that PlayStation boss Jim Ryan no doubt has a lot to say about the console. 

In a new interview with GQ, Ryan outlined much of his thoughts and feelings about the release and what's to come in PlayStation's future. 

 Ryan discussed the inception of the PS5 taking place five years ago, with the biggest focus being on chip technology and how to implement it successfully. Ryan specifically referred to the process as "a series of endless iterative decisions," trying to decide between a cloud and a console when it comes to creating new platforms.

Ryan also discussed the way that the PS5 implements player experience, focusing on tools such as the DualSense's hardware and 3D audio to make for truly unique gameplay. The design of the console was also discussed in great detail, outlining how its look plays a role in its impact for players. "We just wanted to do something bold, a bit different and more future-facing than consoles have been in the past," said Ryan. "I think the reaction vindicates our bold decision."

Ryan discussed his role in reigning in some ideas, especially when it came to chip technology. "Technology people will say, “Here's a really cool chip that's gonna make a great gaming console," explained Ryan. "And I might have to say, “Yeah, but that really great gaming console is going to sell for $1,000." 

A key aspect of the console's design was knowing the line between confidence and complacency. Ryan was sure to point out that the design decisions were indeed made from the realm of confidence, and not because the team was taking things for granted. Ryan also talked about the importance of big box office releases such as Spider-Man: Miles Morales, discussing the influence of studio acquisitions on their library. "We're making great games now and we certainly plan to continue making great games," said Ryan.

Ryan is keenly aware that video games have indeed become a generational inheritance, with parents who were around for previous PlayStation generations now enjoying their children participating in the art of gaming along with them. The PS5 is indeed set to be a new console that can reach players of all stripes, with a wide library to choose from.

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