Jill Valentine's day on Resi Wii?

Tuesday 5September 2006
A recent flurry of rumours over Wii's upcoming Resident Evil title include a voice actress' revelation that she has recorded lines for Jill Valentine.

As the news spread - with RE fans welcoming the return of the original survival-horror heroine - actress Tara Platt clarified that she had recorded her lines almost a year ago and wasn't sure if it was for the Xbox 360/PS3 Resident Evil 5 or a Wii title.

But talk of traditional, shambling zombies and plant-mutation creatures certainly sounds more like old-school Resi than the teaser we've seen of the next-gen vision. A speculative article in a Hong Kong games magazine has also suggested that the Wii game's working title is Umbrella Corporation Chronicles, and that it will offer side-stories set around the original trilogy's events - but there's been no official information from developer Capcom.

Despite Nintendo's traditional no-show at the upcoming Tokyo Game Show, we're expecting Capcom to reveal more on Resident Evil on Wii - and on Resi 5 for PS3 and 360 - at the event in a couple of weeks.