Jeffrey Wright reveals if he would come back for another Bond movie

Jeffrey Wright in No Time To Die
(Image credit: Nicola Dove/MGM)

Jeffrey Wright is the longest-serving Felix Leiter in the 007 franchise, having appeared as the CIA Operative since 2006’s Casino Royale. However, with Daniel Craig’s last James Bond film having been and gone, you might have been wondering if he’ll be back again anytime soon. 

Well, it's mixed news. Speaking to Deadline, Wright says he’s open to the idea, even given his character’s grizzly fate in No Time To Die. Asked if he would return for a reboot, he explained: "Yeah, or if there’s a 'ghost of Felix Leiter' moment, then I’ll certainly consider doing that."

However, he also caveated his response with, "At the same time, I had a great run on those films, together with Daniel [Craig], Barbara Broccoli, and Michael Wilson and I’m very happy to let that be. I’d never expected to be a part of that franchise. I was an enormous geeky fan of the Bond films as a kid, as many of us were. I’m completely satisfied with what we did there. I’m happy to move on and let someone else be part of it."

Currently, no one has been cast as the new Bond following Craig’s final film in the series. But producers Broccoli and Wilson have spoken about their plans to cast someone who can stay in the role for a decade. For our latest predictions on who could fill the spot, check out our round-up of the 25 actors who could be the next James Bond.

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