Jedi of the future

Footage of a LucasArts demo of a next-gen Star Wars game snuck out onto popular video storehouse YouTube today, featuring action of a Jedi using the Force to toy around with a hapless group of Stormtroopers. Bodies fly, lightning bolts fry, heads are slammed into concrete, chunks of the enviornment are torn away and ultimately a bunch of debris and an unlucky 'trooper are thrown into the path of an oncoming TIE Fighter, which explodes on impact.

The action doesn't come from a specific game;it is a demo reel released to members of LucasArts' online Star Wars community, Hyperspace, and represents a "pre-visualization" of a next-gen game, designed to give people an idea of what to expect from PS3 and Xbox 360 Star Wars games.

Since it was released to paying customers and not intended to show up on YouTube, the footage was quickly yanked, buta screenshot survived,and we'reworking on getting the full video as soon as possible.

July 25, 2006