James Franco was considered for Breaking Dawn

Director Bill Condon has confirmed that internet gossip suggesting James Franco wanted a role in Twilight: Breaking Dawn is true.

"He told a friend of mine, who then sent the message along to me. And for a moment it was like, 'OK, what could James Franco play that wouldn't feel like Where's Waldo?' " he told MTV.

Sadly for Franco's fans, no obvious role existed.

"I really thought about it for a second, and nothing made sense," Condon added.

“If it had made sense, and frankly if I had called and said ‘Do you want to play that vampire from that country,’ it would have involved hanging around for two months in a scene with 80 people. And I don’t know if he really would have wanted to do it."

However, the director claims there's no, ahem, bad blood between him and the 127 Hours star.

"I think he thinks this somehow involves some big rejection of the idea. It wasn’t that.”