James Cameron rules the weekend box office with Titanic and Avatar 2

Titanic and Avatar 2
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James Cameron is ruling the box office once more as two of his movies top the worldwide weekend chart. Avatar: The Way of Water is still going strong following its December 2022 release, while a remastered edition of Titanic is back in theaters to celebrate the film's 25th anniversary. 

Per Variety, The Way of Water took the top spot globally, bringing in $25.8 million. Titanic followed with an impressive $22.3 million, while Magic Mike's Last Dance came third at $18.6 million. The Channing Tatum-starring movie did win at the domestic box office, though, beating the competition from Cameron with an $8.2 million total (Titanic had $6.4 million and The Way of Water brought in $6.9 million). 

Titanic is currently the third highest-grossing movie of all time, behind only Avengers: Endgame and another of Cameron's movies, Avatar. But, The Way of Water is set to overtake Titanic very soon, though the re-release prolongs the race: Titanic now stands at $2.217 billion total while The Way of Water is at $2.213 billion.

"The one layer that [audiences] haven't been allowed in the last decade has been to experience it in a movie theater again," Cameron told Total Film of re-releasing Titanic. "Because with the remaster and the 3D and all the stuff that we've done to it over the years, it's absolutely gorgeous. The movie is gorgeous and it really wants to be seen on that screen and heard in a theatrical sound system." 

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