Jade Empire expands to PC

We still wince with pain when we think back on seeing an early version of the spectacular action role-player, Jade Empire, in 2004. Watching our avatar punch a guy in the stomach and explode was book-ended by the news that the game would only be available on the Xbox, with no plans for a PC version. Taken together, these two things represented the extremes of our emotional spectrums.

Today, publisher 2K Games has picked up the ball where Microsoft dropped it, and are going ahead with the PC version we always thought the game deserved - complete with added content (at least a new character, we believe) and tweaked title; Jade Empire: Special Edition.

Better late than never, we suppose.

Even though this is a year-plus old game, it promises to be a sure bet, as it was well-received by critics and players alike. (See our review of the Xbox versionhere.)

Jade Empire: Special Editionon the PC is set to ship in January 2007.

September 7, 2006